Thursday, August 3, 2017

And also, It Was a Tuesday

I'm back. I'm back? Yes, I do believe I am.  Boy a lot has happened these last couple years. I have missed this blog. I'm sad for Ellen's 4 year old sake that I do not have a great record of her last few years, and for 7 year old Aidan's and 9 year old Brendan's and jeepers jolly gee willaker's 11 year old Liam's sake too. They have a lot of great times, these kids, while we were gone.  Eric and I have too. And I look forward to recording some of our next adventures here.

So, let's see.  This summer has been a wild ride. Let's take today, for instance. I woke up at 6 something (allow me to borrow a line from my cousin's FB post - Anxiety is my alarm clock.  It is.  I don't know why but I assume it's hormonal. At least that sounds right and I do sleep in too late. I'm fighting a cold as is the rest of the house so I slowly dragged myself downstairs, we had breakfast, and Liam hopped on his bike over to summer band. He plays the clarinet these days. Oh!  And we moved!  We are in a house that's just a perfect fir for us. Very nice place to have some mini Great Gatsby parties at as well. So it's a little further from school but Liam and Brendan are able to traverse the paths and get there, and to most of their friends' homes as well. While Liam and his friends were at band, some of the friends' little brothers came over to play. And after band a couple of Liam's friends came over too. And that is how we had 8 kids here for most of the day. In the afternoon Brendan and a couple of the boys went to a local kid-run sports camp, and a couple of Aidan's friends came over. And through it all I have been packing and planning for our upcoming trip to DC. Didn't get asmuch done as I would have liked, but that's pretty much par for the course these days. In three weeks I'll be working quasi full time (37 hours) between two libraries. We shall see, as I have not done this since I was just a wee bit pregnant with Liam. Oh!  I have to go pick Brendan up from a local basketball clinic and that means I have to wake up a sleeping Ellen (Eric is with Aidan at Liam's basketball game.)
But I'll talk to y'all soon, ok?  

Monday, May 9, 2016


Brendan and Liam want to get back to their blogs so I'm gonna too.  I want to create a dictionary of Ellen, because I already can't remember so much of Liam and Brendan when they were little.

ice cone cream - any ice cream creation
Biam - Liam
Nenny - Nellie (herself)
baba - bottle
fonzy dress, fonzy shoes - fancy clothes
my tumny hurts, I sick
all dum -all done, just like Liam used to say
you aw bedder, a widdle bit bedder?
shooshe - sushi
I know - I don't know
You mean
I baby
Go Cubbies - when she wants people to notice how cute she is
I lub you
I lub you, Nessa (pider, bug, pencil)
echo - gecko
Echo Walker - Liam's gecko Skywalker
I die - when she plays with her brothers
funder - thunder

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cleanup in Aisle 5

Have you ever seen the commercial with a little man standing on top of a boardroom table yelling, "There are three ways we can do this.  My way, my way, or my way.  Do I make myself clear?"  My kids love this, and the absolute funniest thing is the world is Aidan's impersonation with his little voice shouting, "My way, my way, or my way.  Do I get myself done?!?!"
Swanky the chop.
And now he says, "Do you get myself clear?!!?!"

Also, that person in the store today who dropped two small bottles of apple juice, one of which burst opened and spilled (spilt?) everywhere, that was me.  I'd like to place the blame on whoever put those juices in the way of what I was getting.  I'm pretty sure I overheard some employee in the refrigerator complaining about me, but it totes wasn't my fault and for the record I put the one that didn't burst open back on the shelf.  What more could I do?  I highly doubt the woman working the cheese section cared and/or had the resources to clean it up.

Who wants to hear about how much I want to work out, but haven't been, or my experience buying this shoe when the salesman explained that because of the different way you have to run you want to start slowly "like just start off with a half mile" and Eric burst out laughing or the fact that I still want to move to Colorado but I don't want to leave the people here?  Or how very, very, very, very tired I am?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Oh wait, how about this small crack in the skin by my thumb that just won't heal? 
I'm sorry to do this to you, but some second graders find this hysterical.  Well, I apologized.

Last chance - does anyone want to hear about the woman who came to my work to sharpen 50 pencils?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Unsung Heroes

Yo, you awesome women, you go ladies!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Ok, so, hmm, let's see, where were we?  Ellen's 9 months now, just under 17 pounds, rolling around but not yet crawling.  For point of comparison Brendan was 21 pounds at 5 months and walking at 10 months, but clearly she is not on Brendan's trajectory.  She looked to be about 34/35 weeks when she was born, and if that is true she's about 7.5 months, so she's right on course.  Even for 9 months she's doing just fine.  Very easygoing, sweet, cute as a button.  Terrible sleeper.  But of course.  It's Spring Break now for the big boys, and this year we trekked out to Boulder.  This may or may not come as a surprise to you, but Iowa and Nebraska have lots and lots and lots and lots of farms. (And eastern Colorado too, though they are more ranches I guess?)  It's beautiful even though it's just the early planting season and everything is brown and yellow, but I found myself hoping they weren't all Monsanto factory farms.  Also it got a touch boring, but then I'd remind myself this is some of the most fertile farmland in the world so I tried to appreciate it and help the kids appreciate it to.  Mixed results.  Books on tape are the roadtrippers friend.  We did see some cows grazing in meadows and the occasional horses.  Lincoln, Nebraska is where we stopped the first night, and it was fine, no trees, unremarkable.  The next night we got to Boulder.  This is my kind of town.  The airbnb we're staying at is great.  (We did a homeaway in Saugatuck over the summer, an A frame that turned out to be sort of in the middle of nowhere with water that smelled like rusty nickles, so much so that I bought bottled water even to wash our hands and we drove back home one night to shower.  The house was nice but that water thing, well I just couldn't get beyond it.  Also it wasn't as close to the beach as you'd be led to believe, and the beds were awful.  And everything smelled faintly of the rusty nickles because that's what everything was washed in.  ew.)  This place, by contrast, is in walking distance to everything.  I was vaguely suspicious of how good it seemed to be, and I can't believe how accurately it was described.  And the crunchy reputation of Boulder is totally true!  The ketchup on tables at restaurants and even in our fridge is all organic.  Whole Foods is just one of many natural and organic grocers.  I haven't even seen a conventional chain.  We're about to go to the NOAA and I think we're going to see elk on the way.  We're in a duplex and the people who own it have a 6 year old and 4 year old who invited our boys to come play with them.  They're all out in the yard now.  I really love it here.  I never thought I'd care about mountains but they really are beautiful.  I sort of wanted to love Palo Alto and that area of California, but I didn't.  This, in contrast, is awesome.  Ok, off to explore.  I probably shouldn't have drunk (drank?) that whole cappuccino before nursing Ellen.  whoops!
And seriously...who will move out here with me?  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Look Out! Here Comes the Spider Man!

Today is AMJ's preschool orientation, and therefore I must record here what I wrote about him for his teacher...

Aidan is an exuberant, genuine, happy boy.  He has a very happy-go-lucky nature.  He loves to be in the thick of things.  He loves to do whatever his brothers are doing and he loves to play with friends.  He is a people person.  He is very enthusiastic and he loves to tell stories.  He is tremendous at physical activities (and has a lot of energy!) As opposed to my older sons who seem to be "old souls" Aidan is a "young soul."  He really cares about what is fair.  He is so loving and kind and bright and sweet.  He just had a baby sister born in June and he immediately took to her and is so loving and gentle with her.  He always tells her he will protect her, and wants to be with her and his big brothers all the time.  He is very good-natured.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

So Many Dishes to Do

Posting pictures, I think, is a better use of my time though, right?  It's been a weird day.  I think the lack of a schedule in our house for almost a month now is wearing on everyone.  I am really starting to feel tired as the adrenaline wears off.  Liam is the sweetest kid ever but being tired leaves him totally in his own world which drives me bonkers.  Brendan and Aidan need to stop taking naps but we tried that today and it was a failure, so they went to bed, under duress, at 7:15.  Come to think of it it's 7:42 and I haven't heard a peep from upstairs in quite some time.  Ellen realized being held is far preferable to not being held.  And my yard, back and front, is COMPLETELY overrun with weeds like you would not believe.  I was doing an ok job of staying on top of that til right before Ellen was born, but a month of letting it go really let it go.  Damn.  Also I have 16 pounds left to lose, not ready for serious workouts yet, so I feel crummy about that and cannot fit into any of my clothes except dresses still, so my Mrs Roper joke is more apropos than I'd imagined.  On top of it all I just found out my former brother in law passed away.  It's been a melancholy sort of day for sure.  It's one of those days where I feel like I just didn't get to spend any quality time with my kids but instead spend the whole day arguing with them and yelling at them.  Those kind of days just suck.  And what the hell is up with this weather?  Alright, what we need here are some cute pictures.  The first one is from the hospital.  She's now about 7 1/2 pounds, so she seems huge compared to when she was born.  You can kind of tell in the picture with Eric where she has actual arm chub. 

Oh, and about Brendan and Aidan being quiet upstairs.  Ugh.